Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tornado Alley..

Once again Oklahoma was hit with destructive weather this weekend. After the devastating tornado hit Moore we all hoped it was over. That this state was done with Tornado season. We wasn't and I am not sure if we are done with it still. They are calling for bad weather again Tuesday. We spent the night of our 11th wedding anniversary glued to the TV, radars and every other kind of media we could to find out just where these storms where in fact going to form. We knew it was going to happened they had warned us for days. Unfortunately more life's were lost that night and now stories of heroism is coming out. Stories of weddings being postponed and the wedding parties all being crammed into church basements, parents laying on their children in bathtubs trying to save their life's. There are two things that Sierra is well educated in and that is fires (thanks to daddy being a fireman) and tornadoes. Welcome to Oklahoma Kid! She knows when we start packing tornado bags that she should to, she knows when we say NOW, that means put on your tennis shoes and get to the shelter, don't ask questions just go. Our prayers continue to go up for everyone affected in the last couple weeks by these horrible storms.

Hanging out in the shelter with Jeri Springer

Watching the Radar in the shelter.

3:30 AM finally called it a night.
Storms moved into Missouri.
The Weather Channels Mike Bette's and his crew are lucky to be alive after getting caught in the El Reno tornado. News came out today that 3 of the people killed that night were in fact storm chasers. One of them a veteran in the field. Prayers going up to their families.

and because when you live in Oklahoma you can joke about it

Mandy J. Campbell

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Growing up...and two new adoptive momma's!

Today we went and toured her 5th grade school. She will be switching school districts this year and will attend the district I work for.
Last week she shaved her legs for the first time.
This week she has soaked up the sun with good friends, took silly pictures and stayed up all night watching movies with even more friends.
Sister is growing up.
Lord help me.
In other news two wonderful friends became adoptive momma's this week! So excited for these two! Welcome to the club! Please keep praying for Jonah as he is still fighting an infection!!
Off to the library now...

Mandy J. Campbell